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There are Two Sides to Every Story ... AND THIS IS THAT STORY


The Mob Museum coupons. Save $3.00 Off The Mob Museum General Admission in Las Vegas!


Critically acclaimed, unflinchingly unique, globally respected and beloved by locals, The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, in downtown Las Vegas reveals an insider’s look at the events and characters of the continuing battle between the Mob and the law.

The Museum offers a provocative, contemporary look at this fascinating topic through high-tech theater presentations, hundreds of one-of-a-kind Mob and law enforcement artifacts, and interactive exhibits.

Take the basement stairs back in time and immerse yourself in the NEW Exhibit : The Underground, a Prohibition exhibit with a Speakeasy and Distillery.

Speakeasy: Travel back in time to the Prohibition era, when thousands of speakeasies operating in hard-to-find places satisfied the nation’s thirst for forbidden spirits. Informative and entertaining exhibits, videos and artifacts tell the stories of the Roaring Twenties, which saw the rise of flappers, jazz and the Mob.
The speakeasy exhibit is built around a well-stocked bar and a stage for evening entertainment, creating a lively environment inspired by that bygone age.

Distillery: Prohibition made it illegal to brew beer or distill liquor, so America’s unquenched thirst for alcohol demanded an underworld solution. The Mob filled the void, smuggling spirits into the country and producing moonshine from hidden stills. This exhibit tells the stories of bootleggers, rum runners and the government agents who tried to take them down. The centerpiece, a working Still, produces moonshine so you can have a taste of this formerly forbidden engine of American commerce.


No reservation required.

Hours of Operation:

Mob Museum: Daily 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Speakeasy and Distillery: Daily 9:00 AM to Midnight

Exhibits Include: The Underground (Speakeasy & Distillery), 100 Years of Made Men, Listening In, Crime Lab Experience, Organized Crime Today, Use of Force Training Experience, The Kefauver Hearings, OPen City, Web of Deceit, Mobs Greatest Hits, Birth of the Mob, A Tough Little Town, Prohibition, St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Wall Massacre, Evidence, The Feds, Fight Back, Follow the Money, The Tentacles Spread.

The Mob Museum awards and accolades:
͞Top 25 U.S. Museums -TripAdvisor
͟͞Best Places to Visit -Travel + Leisure
͞10 Places Every American Should See͟ -Huffington Post
͞12 Can’t Miss U.S. Museum Exhibits -USA Today

Location: Located just minutes from Fremont Street at 300 Stewart Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Audio tours available to visitors in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Regular General Admission:

Adults (18+) $26.95 NOW ONLY $23.95
Seniors (65+), Military, Law Enforcement,
Teachers (w/ID) $20.95
Students (18-23 w/ID) & Children (11-17) $16.95
Children (10 and under) Free
* Prices subject to tax and change without notice. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

View a Video of the Mob Museum

The Mob Museum coupons. Save $3.00 Off The Mob Museum General Admission in Las Vegas!

The Mob Museum coupons. Save $3.00 Off The Mob Museum General Admission in Las Vegas!

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View Video of the NEW Speakeasy & Distillery

Ride the Downtown Loop to The Mob Museum!

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Contact Information

300 Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Phone: (702) 229 2734
Website: themobmuseum.org/
Facebook: @themobmuseum
Twitter: @themobmuseum



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