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Kansas Camping - Information and Coupons
Save on camping gear, find campsites and explore the outdoors of Kansas

Save on camping gear, find campsites, campgrounds and explore the outdoors

Camping In Kansas

Enjoy the great outdoors and experience the pristine beauty that the state of Kansas has to offer. Enjoy all the outdoor activities, whether it's hiking, fishing, enjoying the wildlife or sitting around the campfire.

We give you all the resources and tools needed to plan your perfect outdoor experience. Find a campground, plan your trip, rent an RV and venture out into the wild.

When you're ready to return back to society, check out all our exclusive savings and discounts for all your favorite cities and attractions.

Resources and Information

National Park Service - Kansas
Camping gear checklist
Hunting and fishing information
Kansas State Parks

Kansas Tourism Office
Kansas road conditions

Map of Federal, State and Private Campsites

Tree symbols indicate campgrounds: Federal   State  Private

Campgrounds A - C

Arrow Rock - Melvern Lake
Ash Group Campground Clinton Lake Ks
Bloomington - Clinton Lake
Bloomington West
Canning - Council Grove
Carbolyn Park - Pomona Lake
Cedar Ridge - Clinton Lake
Cherryvale Park - Pearson-Skubitz Big Hill Lake
Coeur D'Alene - Melvern Lake
Cottonwood Point - Marion Reservoir
Curtis Creek

Campgrounds D - K

Damsite Fall River Lake
Downstream Point - Pearson-Skubitz Big Hill Lake
Elm Group Campground Clinton Lake Ks
Farnum Creek
Hickory/Walnut Campground - Clinton Lake
Hillsboro Cove - Marion Reservoir
Longview - Perry Lake
Lucas Park - Wilson Lake
Michigan Valley - Pomona Lake
Minooka Park - Wilson Lake
Mound Valley - Pearson-Skubitz Big Hill Lake

Campgrounds L - R

Old Town - Perry Lake
Outlet (Melvern) - Melvern Lake
Outlet (Pomona Lake)
Outlet (Tuttle Creek Lake) - Melvern Lake
Overlook - Pearson-Skubitz Big Hill Lake
Overlook Park - Clinton Lake
Perry - Perry Lake
Richey Cove - Council Grove
Riverside - Kanopolis Lake
Riverside East - John Redmond Reservoir
Riverside West - John Redmond Reservoir
Rock Creek - Perry Lake

Campgrounds S - Z

Santa Fe Trail - Council Grove
Slough Creek - Perry Lake
Stockdale - Tuttle Creek Lake
Sylvan Park Wilson Lake
Turkey Point - Melvern Lake
Venango Park - Kanopolis Lake
West Rolling Hills
Whitehall Bay (Fall River Lake)
Wolf Creek - Pomona Lake

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