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Top 10 Places to See the Best Sunsets of Summer! Take advantage of exclusive offers as the sun sets on summer.

Sunset of Summer. Exclusive deals and gift ideas for the men in your life

August 17, 2016

What is it about a sunset that makes us stop and stare? To wonder, to daydream, to smile, and even to contemplate our place in the universe.

For centuries humans everywhere have experienced those magical minutes, where for the briefest moment, time hovers between day and night and the sky lights up to glow with translucent hues of orange, pink and red. No matter where in the world, time stands still for the sunset; people everywhere pause to take in the view and marvel at natures most vibrant light show.

From east to west, the vast expanse of the USA boasts some of the most spectacular locations to view the sunset. From rocky peaks, to sandy beaches and city bridges, the USA can put on a sunset like no other!

Here is our list of the very best locations to view the sunset across the country:

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#1 Hopi Point, Grand Canyon – Arizona
There are several famous viewing points around the Grand Canyon, but Hopi Point is the place to catch the sunset. As the sun goes down experience the excitement of the majestic mountains and undulating cliffs as they turn red, then purple with the setting of the sun. You may never see another sunset like this – some even say it’s life changing!
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#2 Santa Monica Pier - California
California dreams at it’s best! Take in the view from this historical pier with it’s classic American feel. As the sun sets spectacularly over the pacific ocean, ride the ferris wheel, take in a cocktail on the pier, or simply walk along the beach. With an amazing beach, arcades, carousels, live music, restaurants and bars, you could easily spend the day here waiting for the magical sunset hour. Santa Monica Deals – click here

#3 Brooklyn Bridge – New York
New York has it all – including amazing sunset views. Take a bike ride over Brooklyn Bridge at sunset and you’ll find that there’s a new a different view every few feet. From the sun reflecting off the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson and East Rivers meeting or the skyline of Manhattan, marvel as the sky illuminates the amazing city of NYC. NYC Deals – click here

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#4 Moab - Utah
Nestled between the red rock wonders of Arches National Park, the extra-ordinary sandstone landscapes of Canyonlands National Park, and the breathtaking forest of the La Sal Mountains – Moab offers endless opportunities for sunset viewing! As the sun lowers, illuminating the rocky landscapes into a glowing display of light and color, you can enjoy the view from a boat tour, bus tour, or even drive or hike to your favorite viewing point!
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#5 Key West - Florida
Each and every night in Mallory Square, Key West throws a party to celebrate the passing of the sun beneath the horizon. The sunset is the backdrop to the town’s social scene, showcasing street performers, margaritas, great food and unobstructed views of the horizon. With nothing but the Gulf of Mexico (and maybe a few sailboats) between you and the sunset, you have the perfect accompaniment to celebrate the end of another summer’s day. Key West Deals – click here

#6 San Diego - California
There is nothing quite like watching the sun sink into the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean - and with seemingly endless sunny days and uninterrupted ocean views, San Diego is a perfect place to enjoy the experience! From an evening stroll along the boardwork in Mission beach, to dining at one of the many restaurants or catching the sun’s last rays from the aptly named Sunset Cliffs, San Diego is hard to hard to beat when it comes to sunsets!
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#7 Washington D.C.
Whether you are looking for a grand overview, the light changing over monuments of reflecting of the water, Washington DC boasts numerous places to view the sunset. Our picks include: The Kennedy Centre with it’s wrap around terrace, the Southwest Waterfront or Washington Harbour for views of the Pontomac, the POV Terrace at W Hotel where you can view planes taking of into the sunset and even catch a view of The White House!
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#8 Gay Head Light, Martha’s Vineyard – Massachusetts
For the romantic at heart (and those who just love sunsets!), Gay Head Light is considered on of the most romantic sunsets in the world. Located at the vineyards most westerly point, the clay cliffs rise from the Atlantic to glow with fiery hues. And as darkness hits the Lighthouse illuminates and throws it’s majestic red and white beam across the ocean.
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#9 New Mexico - Anywhere!
With an estimated 300 amazing sunsets each year, you really can’t go wrong viewing the evening’s light show here. With landscapes ranging from wide, rose colored deserts to broken mesas to snow capped peaks, when it comes to catching a great sunset, all you need to do is look west! Our favorites include the Sandia Mountains, White Sands National Park and Santa Fe. New Mexico Deals – click here

#10 Discovery Park, Seattle - Washington
Set atop Magnolia Bluff, with it’s beautiful views of the City and Puget Sound, Discovery Park is Seattle’s best place to view the sunset. Spend an afternoon wandering the forest, meadows and sand dunes, then head to the cliffs for a breathtaking view that takes in Seattle, the Sound, the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east. Seattle Deals – click here

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