We market your business to the millions of internet users
making travel plans to visit Your Destination City!

  Did You Know ...
That over 580 Million people have access to the internet?
According to Nua.com's 2002 Global Internet Trends report, 10 per cent of the world's population, or 580.78 Million people have internet access. The report shows that for the first time ever, Europe has the highest number of internet users in the world. There are now 185.83 Million Europeans online, compared to 182.83 Million in the US and Canada.
I Don't Have a Web Site!

If you donít have a web site or even a computer, you can still advertise on the webófor less than your internet connection would cost! Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, Shops, Cruises, Tour Guides, from the largest to the smallest. Our professional marketing team will set up an advertisement page on destinationcoupons.com designed especially for you. Including photographs; a summary of your business with important contact information and access to change your advertisement up to once a quarter!
  Did You Know...
Approximately 44 percent of the U.S. adult population are online travelers. Two-thirds (66%) of online travelers or 120.7 million U.S. adults have used the internet to make travel plans in the last year.

I Have a Beautiful Web Site
But I Donít Get Any Visitors!

Itís not enough to have a web site if nobody visits. If the money invested in this global network is not giving you results, then let us expose you!

Our on-line marketing professionals team up strategic link networks, newsgroup participation, and internet advertising campaigns. We obtain links to popular government and travel sites that visitors to your city will use prior to visiting your destination. We link with other smaller but important sites and implement other on-line marketing strategies to increase your sales and recognition. In addition, we advertise in both local, regional and international travel magazines, newspapers, direct mail and newsletters.

We register each destination and your individual web page with all major search engines on a continual basis. In fact, we submit to over 900 search engines all over the world. Our objective is to be in the top five search results for each country and the number one site for coupons in your destination.

Did you know...
Leisure Travel purchases online is expected to top $30,000,000 this year!

Itís a Jungle Out There!
It is a jungle. But destinationcoupons.com wants to be the independent travelerís ďOne StopĒ travel resource. Whatever the travel destination, domestic or international, big city or small village, you can count on destinationcoupons.com to give you the best quality at the best price. We limit the number of businesses in category, to ensure you the maximum response possible. If you are successful, we are successful.