We market your business to the millions of internet users
making travel plans to visit Your Destination City!

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85% of all
adult US consumers use some form of coupons.

We Don’t Do “Coupons” Here!
If you don’t do “coupons” you should think again. Online coupons do not just reward consumers—they offer value to the consumer and the results are measurable. In the United States, coupons are incredibly popular. All types of businesses from United Airlines to McDonalds offer coupons in their overall marketing strategy — because coupons work! Statistically, most coupon users are college educated, middle to upper income consumers — exactly the same profile as the frequent traveler!

Our professional marketing team has vast experience in the “coupon” industry and will design a coupon for you that will work for you.

  Did You Know...
48% of adult coupon users represent annual household incomes of $50,000 or more. Women account for more than 70 percent of all purchases today. More than 70% have a College Education or higher.

Consumers Expect "Better Deals" Online
After all they are doing all the work themselves - no travel agent in the middle, thus no commissions or extra fees. Consumers expect to pocket this savings. Coupons provide that “better deal” offer in tangible terms– a free coupon they can print out from their home or office. The consumer perceives this coupon as money—and quite valuable.

For you, it means more business coming directly to you—no middleman, no commissions and fees to pay—not to mention the bookkeeping headaches of keeping the accounts straight. It also means that you will know exactly how well your advertising dollars are working because you will have record of the redeemed coupons!

With DestinationCoupons.com, travelers can plan their entire trip before they leave their home, from restaurants, to hotels, to sightseeing, to shopping, to your business. They will carry your coupon with them to their destination and redeem it. It's like cash in their pocket!

We register each destination and your individual web page with all major search engines on a continual basis. In fact, we submit to over 900 search engines all over the world. Our objective is to be in the top five search results for each country and the number one site for coupons in your destination city.

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85% of all Internet surfers are directed by Search Engines.