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Useful Links for Travelers
Here are some useful links and information we thought would be very helpful when traveling to Domestic and International Destinations.

If you need more information or if you have a link you'd like to add, please contact the Travel Advisor found on the upper left side of each country page.


Be sure to check our "Tips" section which provides great tips for Air Travel, Money Exchange,
Packing, our favorite ideas to help you Plan Ahead
and more.

    Before you go anywhere I recommend visiting The US State Department's http://travel.state.gov informs American travelers about travel documents and safety. Their website includes information on passports and tourist visas. It also has "Consular Information Sheets" for every country in the world with basic information on geography, health care, safety issues, embassy locations, and more. In regions where there is political or economic instability, the website also includes "Travel Warnings" explaining the conditions.
    Keep in mind that State Department travel warnings are very conservative and are sometimes overstated. If a warning is issued in an area where you're going, stay up-to-date on the news so you can make an informed decision about your plans. Some travelers in search of a second opinion prefer the warnings put out by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office http://www.fco.gov.uk.
    With the bird flu flying around, it is best to check the Centers for Disease Control http://www.cdc.gov/travel for updated information on every country. Or in the USA call for 24-hour recorded voice 1-888-232-3228.

Check Exchange rates and get an “FX Cheat Sheet” that allows you to create and print a currency converter table before you take your next trip! Visit http://www.oanda.com. The “FX Cheat Sheet” can be found on the left side of the home page under “Travelers.”

    http://www.worldclimate.com has useful monthly temperature and rainfall averages for thousands of destinations worldwide. You can plan your vacations avoiding rainy seasons or droughts. It can also assist you in deciding what to pack.
    Traveling through Europe by Car, Bus, Tube or Ferry?
Traveling by subway? Subways (metro, underground, tube, whatever...) are a more inexpensive way to travel and are often faster that taxis and busses. This website provides maps and diagrams for subways all over the world - New York, Moscow, Paris, London, Boston and many more. It even lets you check stops, plan your trip and provides estimated time.
►This website can answer all your questions about local driving laws, road signs, even rideshare bulletin board!

►For accurate driving routes and tube routes visit Mappy Route Planner at http://www.iti.fr/
►Another source for driving routes and directions throughout Europe, visit http://www.viamichelin.com
►For train, bus and ferry schedules for Italy visit http://www.trenitalia.com
►Connections and schedules for Greek ferries visit http://www.ferries.gr
Here are links to the official Tourism Offices of all 50 states.


    Driving in the USA? Find out which gas station is offering the cheapest gas prices. Updated daily, these sites can save you money on your drive to Las Vegas!
Check out the roads before you go. Links to the Departments of Transportation for all 50 States.


    Travelhealth Online provides information that will help you have a safe, healthy adventure. Vaccines, inoculations, infectious diseases, health, safety, individual country health issues and travel advisories.
    Need help with packing? These two website can give you hundreds of tips to help you break the habit of overpacking and can get you down to one carry on bag regardless of the length of your trip.

The expert, Lani Teshima at Travelite lets you in on some more great packing tips as well as general travel tips. This site is a must read for novice travelers.

Onebag offers some of the best packing tips ever! Based on the author’s premise that “the lighter the burden, the more pleasant the journey,” this very attractive website is certain to change your ways. They even include a downloadable checklist.
    Just knowing how to say “Thank You” in your destination country language will bring smiles and open doors. Learn a new language - take a few minutes and visit Rosetta Stone. They offer an excellent Free Demo for tons of languages - even Arabic, Swahili and Welsh. I used it for Turkish and it was a great help - http://www.rosettastone.com (Click on "Individuals" then "Free Demo.")

Want to read the Cairo news before your visit to Eqypt? Visit World Newspapers.com at http://www.world-newspapers.com Just click on the country of your destination and you will be linked to the local English newspaper.

    Frequent flyer programs offer much of value, though they're not what they used to be, and now require that you pay them a lot more attention in order to get the best return. Tim Winship's http://www.frequentflier.com addresses this topic, and presents much of interest, including links to hundreds of airports worldwide.
    ►Get country codes for any country at http://www.countrycallingcodes.com
►Links to hiking trails around the world at http://www.traildatabase.org
Elder Hostel offers educational travel for 55 and older http://www.elderhostel.org/welcome/home.asp

What time is it in Moscow? Check here...http://www.timeanddate.com





Central America
South America


Middle East



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