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New York City: Insider Tips, FAQs & Links


Airport Transportation


New York City is serviced by 3 major airports: La Guardia, JFK and Newark. Some of the busiest airports in the world, serving most airlines! Click here for more information:

Airport Shuttle Service

  NY Airport Service Express Bus (718) 875 8200
City Line Limo
Phone: 718 205 4254 or 917 687 1588 or 347 386 2760
Fax: 718 205 7002 or 718 505 4656
Express HotLine: 866 505 4656
ETS Air Shuttle (718) 221-5341
Please see this website for more information:

Airport Bus Service

  Please see this website for more information:


  City Line Limo
Phone: 718 205 4254 or 917 687 1588 or 347 386 2760
Fax: 718 205 7002 or 718 505 4656
Express HotLine: 866 505 4656
Please see this website for more information:


  Dollar Rent A Car:
Low Internet Rates

Intercity Bus Transportation

  Please see this website for LOTS of information for just the area of New York that you are visiting:
The main bus terminal is located at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Eight to Ninth Avenues between West 40th and 42nd streets, phone: (212) 564 8484 or (212) 643 8469.

Subways Public

  See the links below for information on the subway systems in New York City:


  January Average Low: 26˚F, Average High: 39˚ F.
July Average Low: 70˚ F, Average High: 85˚ F.


  New York City is 54 feet above Sea Level.

Health Tips

  Health tips associated with New York City involve high smog levels. Keep yourself informed by watching the local news or listening to the local radio station for updates. Other help tips include remembering to wear sunscreen or protection, even in the winter. The sun can reflect off of the snow and cause a nasty burn. Hint for the ladies: some face foundations come with SPF in them.

Telephone Area Code

  (212) or (718)

Exchange Office

  It is highly recommended that you change your money before coming to the states, if traveling from a foreign country. Exchanging money at the airport can be very expensive. Look for major bank chains that provide this service. Ask at your hotel or visitors information office.


  For current, up to date information, please visit the following websites:


  Roads get rather congested with traffic. It is highly recommended to park and ride and use public transportation.

How Safe is this City?

  New York City is a large city where you should exercise caution. There are many homeless people throughout the city, so don't be alarmed if you're approached for spare change. Use common sense.

Local Tourist Information Office

  The New York City Convention and Visitors Bureau has an information center at 810 Seventh Ave.. Maps in six languages and visitors guides are available for free! Phone: (212) 484 1200. For literature, call: (212) 397 8222 or (800) 692 8474.

  "How do I get tickets to the David Letterman Show?" Ken - San Diego
"To request 2 tickets, send a postcard with your name, address and daytime & evening phone numbers to:
Late Show Tickets  The Ed Sullivan Theater   1697 Broadway  New York, NY 10019
Two (2) tickets per postcard. Please send in only one postcard--multiple requests will be discarded. The minimum age to attend The Late Show is 18. Due to the volume of ticket requests, it may not be possible to award tickets to everyone. Please be aware that the waiting time might be in excess of 9 months. Late Show tapings are Monday thru Wednesday at 5:30pm and Thursday at 4:30 and 7pm.
Stand-by tickets are available on the day of the show only by calling (212) 247-6497 at 11:00am. The phones will be answered until the allocation is gone, at which time you will receive a recording. Only 2 tickets will be issued per caller and the recipient must have identification to match the name given when calling in."
(, 11-06-03)


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